Happy Monday…

Yes, I know, Mondays suck, so here’s a little bit of sunshine to brighten up the start of your week.
No partying for me on the weekend, I spent Friday night playing Monopoly with my flatmates and some friends – I lost spectacularly, but it was still fun – you can’t beat monopoly! The funny thing about it was that we set the game up, got all excited and then discovered we had no dice. Yeah, can’t really play monopoly without dice.
So we improvised. One of my flatmates got creative and cut up little numbered pieces of paper and put them in a bowl, at the same time as her sister sneakily found a virtual dice. So we got a wireless mouse, blu-tacked it to the middle of the board and voila!
You can’t beat a good girly movie on a Saturday night – especially the tear jerkers from the pages of Nicholas Sparks. No, not the notebook, but an equally sad and heartwarming movie – Dear John. We watched this after watching Valentines Day, which is a fan-bloody-tastic movie if you haven’t seen it. Much like Love Actually, and if you don’t believe in love, you will after watching this.
So that’s how I spent my weekend, how did you spend yours?

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