Christchurch Earthquake
February 24, 2011

At 4.35am on Saturday, September 4th 2010, Christchurch, New Zealand was struck by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake which damaged buildings and injured people but thankfully, no one was killed.

At 12.50pm on Tuesday, February 22nd, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch shattered what was left of the broken city and has so far killed 76 people, with over 300 people still missing. It has caused complete chaos, with collapsed buildings, roads torn apart, burst pipes pouring sewage through the streets, people missing and homes destroyed.

It has been labeled New Zealand’s worst natural disaster and the whole country is in a state of emergency. We are all lending a hand, with food, money, fire fighters, civil defence personnel, nurses and prayers.

Please help our beautiful garden city get back on its feet by donating whatever you can.

You can donate to victims at:

The Salvation Army: Freephone 0800530000; online at; or by post:
The Salvation Army,
PO Box 27001, Marion
Square, Wellington, 6141.
Mark correspondence:  “Canterbury Earthquake Appeal”.

Any ANZ Bank:
Account number

Any National Bank:
Account number

Any BNZ Bank:
Account number:

Any ASB: Account
number 12-3205-0146808-00